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ProFANity Sports Review

At first glance, ProFANity Sports seems like just another new daily fantasy sports site looking compete against the recent glut of other daily fantasy sports sites. It’s when you start surfing the site and checking out the different game offerings that ProFANity Sports has, you begin to appreciate the potential this site has to become one of the top fantasy sports sites.

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Profanity Sports Promo Code

Website Interface

Not to be the typical male, but it is hard not to notice the website’s “eye candy” with their “Commitment Sucks” video and their Girl of the Month section. It catches your attention and leads you to surf the site further.

When you do explore deeper, you’ll find a visually attractive site with an easy layout to find games, sort them by type, prize, number of entries or entry fee.

On the front page is news feed which is unfortunately a waste of space since it is tragically way behind in time.

The headers tabs at the top of the page allow you to find what you are looking for quickly and the left side Draft Matrix is a great tool to help you sort which games you want to play.

Game Selections

ProFANity Sports differentiates itself from other sites by the games that they offer daily fantasy players.

First there is the choice between Snake Draft and Salary Cap games. Only a few sites offer the snake draft option and for those that enjoy the challenge, it can make a difference when choosing a favorite daily fantasy sports site. The salary cap draft game has a salary cap of $100 million dollars which for our liking has too many numbers to sift through. It would be wise to move the decimal point over one and make the numbers smaller but that’s more of a personal preference.

Then there is the TD Challenge League – Unique to ProFANity Sports is a game where you only need to find the players who score touchdowns. The only yardage that matters is you get extra points for the length of the touchdown. This is a great game to try if you are looking for another twist in daily fantasy sports games.

One game that will always see a full number of entries is their "free contests to win cash" section. A limited number of entries will be offered a chance to play for free with the opportunity to win $2 or a prize of $1 for second place. Winnings can’t be withdrawn but can be used towards playing in other games which if you win there, the money is yours to keep. Unlike other sites that offer free games for points which can be redeemed for merchandise, cash is king and it is a great option for newcomers to a daily fantasy sports career.

Profanity Sports Game Selections

ProFANity Sports Review - Conclusion

Although a relative newcomer into the daily fantasy sports realm, ProFANity Sports has jumped in with both feet trying to gain market share by offering games and features that others don’t have or taking existing features from other fantasy sites and combining them into one site.

ProFANity Sports has some really great qualities and immediately leap-frogs over some existing daily fantasy sites in the battle to be number one. If you are itching to try something new, ProFANity Sports is worth the gamble. Try it out - make sure you use Promo Code REALMONEY to cash in on the exclusive 40% deposit bonus from ProFANity Sports and Real Money Fantasy Leagues!