2013 Masters Betting Odds - Bet On The Masters

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2013 Masters Betting Odds

Bovada GolfSo you think you know your golf and are ready to place a bet on The Masters?

We all have our theories of which golfer will win the 2013 Masters Tournament, but when it comes time to actually take the wallet out and bet on The Masters, that’s when you are confronted with who to pick.

Fortunately, there are some players to focus on when looking at 2013 Masters betting odds. Whether you choose to focus on the favorites to win, lean towards the middle of the odds value picks or try and pick the longshots to win the Masters, we have ideas for all types of Masters bets below.


So, if you bet on The Masters, who should you choose? Well here are some of the 2013 Masters betting odds to help you with your wagers.


Tiger WoodsTiger Woods (5 to 2) – He is the heavy favorite to win the 2013 Masters. Given the betting odds that Bovada has on him, you won’t make a huge payday off of his win. However, if you don’t bet on him to win and he does, you won’t make any money. You would have to make a big bet for this to really pay off, but most experts are saying he is a lock.

Brandt SnedekerBrandt Snedeker (18 to 1) – Had Snedeker not had a rib injury and missed some big tournaments, he may be right up there with betting odds similar to Tiger. Snedeker was at the top of his game and arguably the best on the PGA Tour to begin the 2013 season. He is now back from injury and could make someone some decent cash if they run with Snedeker when they bet on The Masters. We placed a $100 wager on him ourselves.

Keegan BradleyKeegan Bradley (28 to 1) – Bradley knows how to play well in the majors and is always in contention. Going off at over 25-1 odds makes Bradley and intriguing play. We did not bet on Bradley, but we hope we don't regret it.

Jason DayJason Day (50 to 1) – Day has shown in the past that he can play well at Augusta. Having finished second a few years ago, Day is having a good start to his 2013 season. Most 2013 Masters betting odds boards have him around 50-1 which is a nice payday if you bet on The Masters and take Day as one of your winners. We elected to pass here.

Bill HaasBill Haas (66 to 1) – As good as Haas is playing, odds makers have him at over 50-1 with some as high as 66-1. Haas beat the competition last year and won the FedEx Cup and has played well in 2013. The "experts" who have set the 2013 Masters betting odds may have erred with such a high number. We put down $150 here in hopes of the huge payday.

Matt KucharMatt Kuchar (28 to 1) – At 28-1 odds, Kuchar could be a solid bet on The Masters this year. A very good player who can beat the top players on the PGA Tour, Kuchar putting on the green jacket wouldn’t be a big shock to us. We simply wagered $20 here.


Masters Bovada


2013 Masters Longshot Bet


Fredrik JacobsonFredrik Jacobson (150 to 1) – Sitting at about 150-1, Jacobson has five top 25 finishes and three top 10s in 2013. He finished in 19th at last year’s Masters and if you are seriously considering taking a longshot to win the 2013 Masters, Jacobson is worth a serious look. We laid down $10 here.


Recap of Our 2013 Masters Bets


$150 on Bill Haas to win - Payout $9900 (we really like this bet)

$100 on Brandt Snedeker to win - Payout $1800

$20 on Matt Kuchar to win - Payout $560

$10 on Fredrik Jacobson to win - Payout $1500


Total Wagered on The Masters - $280


Analysis - At worst, if one of the 4 golfers above win, we double our money. When betting on the Masters, we decided to take longshot types of Masters bets. We have 4 outstanding players to root for come Sunday. If Haas wins, we are singing winning over $9600 in cash.


Make your bets on the Masters now by clicking here.


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2013 Masters Expert Picks

Are you looking for expert picks to bet on The 2013 Masters including longshots, underdogs and sleepers?

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