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Choosing a Daily Fantasy Sports Site

There are a lot of daily fantasy sites around and as it grows in popularity, more companies are trying to become the next BIG DFS site.

Keep reading and we will help you navigate through:

  • Which are top sites to play at?
  • How Many sites to play at
  • What to look for in a DFS Site


Which are the Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites?

When we look at which websites to rank as the top DFS sites we look for criteria such as:

  • Player Base
  • Financial Backing
  • Quality of Fantasy Games
  • Promotions and Bonuses
  • Members of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA)

We examine everything and then rank them on the main page Our Top Fantasy sites list is also broken down into each individual sport which can be found on the tabs above. Currently FanDuel and DraftKings rank #1 and #2 in each category and are by far the industry leaders. So should you just join FanDuel, or DraftKings or both? – Read On...


Being official partners with sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft and Draft, etc... we may receive compensation or other benefits for advertising. Please help us improve our content by using our links which will also earn new players the best bonuses and deals at each site!


How Many sites to play at

Many people think you should just join 1 site and play there exclusively, but the smart people are the ones that join a number of sites (The best DFS players in the industry join every site that comes up).

Each site offers Promotions to join which often includes FREE tickets into cash games. You can make a deposit, take the free ticket, and play. If you don’t like it, get you money back. Some sites will out of the blue offer freerolls to fill a contest or to try to promote a new season and those emails go first to current site members. On occasion, if you are a non-active member of a site, they will try to entice you to play by offering you more promos, bonuses or even merchandise.

As I mentioned, the top fantasy players join every site, many pick the Top 5 Daily Fantasy sites and play at the 1 or 2 they like the most. We have many of our fans that have made a living simply joining every site that pops up, taking advantage of our bonuses and playing in the exclusive FREE games and then using their bankroll in overlays of big cash games.


What to look for in a Daily Fantasy Site

Some sites only have salary cap games, some have other options like Pick’em or Snake Draft; find a type of game you are best at and focus your main game play there. Look for the sites that have the biggest promotions such as FanDuel and DraftKings, they are the ones that will have the unexpected $10,000 Freeroll contest for you to join. Speaking of Freerolls, look for the sites that have a lot of them. and have FREE Fantasy Football contests running weekly and you can build a nice bankroll there on the side.

Again, when in doubt, keep our home page bookmarked, if we move some new sites up our rankings, maybe you need to join and take advantage just like the PROS do!