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Win Big Playing Daily Fantasy Baseball For Real Money


All the big 4 fantasy sports (NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB) offer the opportunity to win big money when picking your fantasy teams.

If you follow our draft strategies for the various sports you already have a leg up on your competition, but the the best chance that you have to win is by playing daily fantasy baseball.

Baseball, although a team sport, is really an individual statistical buffet for you to choose which player will play best that night and score you the most fantasy points.

It doesn’t matter if the rest of the team strikes out in their at bats, your hitter can go 4 for 4 and win you your pool. Pick the right pitcher against the right lineup and you’ll have big fantasy points piling in.

Daily Fantasy Baseball With fantasy baseball pools, there are mismatches almost every day that you can capitalize on:

  • A star pitcher facing a weak hitting lineup
  • A strong hitting lineup facing a team’s 5th starter
  • A good pitcher playing in a pitcher friendly ballpark
  • A great hitter facing a bad pitcher in a hitter friendly ballpark


These mismatches happen regularly and allow daily fantasy players who know their stuff to win big every day.

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The key to win big playing daily fantasy baseball is information - e.g., Is a player sitting out? Is the team in a hitting slump? Is the ballpark hitter or pitcher friendly? Is a particular player in a contract year?

All these questions help you determine which fantasy players to choose to create the lineup that will win you your fantasy game for that night and some nice real money.

Other sports such as basketball, football and hockey can be hit and miss when a team is playing poorly. Players need each other for points whereas in major league baseball, most of the statistics are based on individual performance and players can excel - even if the rest of the team falters.

With so many games in an MLB baseball season and so many games every night, the opportunity to take advantage of those mismatches is always out there.

Daily Fantasy Baseball allows followers to pick and choose nights where there are mismatches. With most fantasy baseball pools, players are locked into a full season and with injuries or a poorly chosen lineup, you can find yourself out of the money race by the summer. However, with daily fantasy baseball, every day can be payday for you!

There are many ways to win, be it fantasy or real money.

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Free money and fantasy baseball - what more is there to life?

So get moving and start yourself on the path to win big playing daily fantasy baseball for real money!