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Survivor Pool Strategy Guide

Survivor Pools

Every year many people enter into an NFL Survivor Pool and hope to live long enough to win the big prize at the end. In this era of parity in the NFL, it is getting harder and harder to survive long enough and not to get knocked out before the end.

This NFL survivor strategies and tips page will help you make decisions on a week to week basis and help you plan out your NFL Survivor Pool for the entire season.

We can’t promise you a win, but these tips and strategies will certainly give you better odds of walking away with the prize.


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Top 10 NFL Survivor Strategies

1) Always Take A Home Team

We’ve seen all the stats, home teams win more often. Improve your odds by focusing on the home team as opposed to a favorite on the road which could be ripe for a survivor pool massacre upset.

2) Use The Las Vegas Betting Lines

Keep an eye on Vegas betting line point spreads at the beginning of the week and also monitor line moves during the week. If the spread is 7 or more, you have good certainty that you are picking a winner. If the spread is less than 7, you are taking a bit of a risk.

3) Avoid divisional rivalry Games

Even the bad teams show up to play for divisional games and upsets can happen at any time. Even the Vegas boys keep the spreads low knowing that these games can be unpredictable. Never take a team facing a divisional matchup.

4) Wait Until The Last Minute To Make Your Pick (Sorta...)

You don't want to lock in your pick too early in the week as you never know when injuries can happen or a player can get suspended for some strange reason. If your pool administrator allows you to change your pick up until the deadline, then go ahead and submit a "tentative" team so you get your pick in on time, but make your real pick at the last possible time before the picks deadline.

5) Go against the Bad Teams

The bad teams in the NFL need to play all 16 games too. If they are probably going to lose 11-14 of them, why not pick against them on a regular basis.

6) Check the Weather

Wind, rain, snow…all of these can throw a wrench into a football game. Domes are nice games to focus on, but check out what weather is expected for a game before making your final decision.

7) Focus On Teams Coming Off a Bye Week

Teams coming off a bye week usually have had time to heal and work out the kinks in their offenses and defenses - plus they have 2 weeks to prepare for their opponent.

8) Try to plan out the entire season

Don’t just pick week to week, look at the whole NFL schedule to see where there may be tough games and where there may be opportunities to take weak teams for easy wins. Having the whole season mapped out will help you if you are able to make it past week 10. Plus, it will allow you to save teams for later in the year.

9) Change your game plan due to injuries

Hey…bad stuff happens, top QBs go down and top teams get riddled with injuries. If you planned out the entire season, make adjustments if one or two of the top teams are no longer a playoff contender. Also adjust for the teams that nobody gave much chance to at the beginning of the NFL season, but now look like legit contenders.

10) stay away from Thursday Night games

Picking a survivor pool team for Thursday sucks because you get very little time for info from the camps to see if players are injured and who will be prepared for the game. Some teams adapt better than others so Thursday can be a crapshoot.


Survivor pools are a lot of fun, but they aren’t as easy as they used to be. You still need to pick correctly, but using these survivor pool tips and strategies will at least keep you in the game long enough to make you look like you know what you’re doing.

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