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Top 10 Fantasy Golf Tips

Playing fantasy golf can be a lot of fun when you are a regular follower of professional golf, but adding some spice to that fun by playing fantasy golf for real money can make the sport of golf that much more fun!

We have compiled for you a list of our Top 10 Fantasy Golf Tips for you to keep bookmarked for when you decide to play fantasy golf online.

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Fantasy Golf Tip #1 – Know the Rules of the Site

Fantasy Golf TipsKnowing how fantasy golf scores are calculated for golf players will help you make your choices when entering a particular golf fantasy contest. Some simply allot points for where a golfer finishes, some give bonuses for birdies and eagles and deduct points for bogeys.

Fantasy Golf Tip #2 – Watch Golf

Top 10 Fantasy Golf TipsYou can claim it as a homework assignment that you need to watch golf to make money, but it’s true. You can do all the online research your head can take, but by watching golf tournaments you can see how a golfer is playing and hear professional analysis on how their game is progressing that year.

Fantasy Golf Tip #3 – Play the Hot Hand

Fantasy Golf StrategiesSome golfers will get into a groove and have good finishes in tournaments for consecutive weeks. If a golfer has two top 20 finishes in a strong field in a row, he may finish higher the next couple of weeks playing against less talented opponents.

Fantasy Golf Tip #4 – Check out the Golf Course

Fantasy Golf TipsSome golf courses are extra long which favors long hitters, and some golf courses play short but favor more accurate hitters with a great short game. Read up on that particular golf course that week and choose your fantasy golfer accordingly.

Fantasy Golf Tip #5 – Know the Weather

Top 10 Fantasy Golf TipsIf the weather will be windy or cold, this could have an effect on how the game will play out over the four days. Research how some players have played in poor weather conditions and consider those golf stats when making your choice for the week.

Fantasy Golf Tip #6 – Examine Past Performance

Fantasy Golf StrategiesThere are some players that absolutely tear up the same golf course every year. They may not be a top golfer, but for some reason they finish top ten every year on the same golf course. Conversely, some top golfers miss the cut every year on a certain course no matter how well they are playing during the golfing season.

Fantasy Golf Tip #7 – Good Golfers In a Weak Field

Fantasy Golf TipsOccasionally, tournaments come along that have two or three top golfers playing in a field against some mediocre talent. Players all make their schedules differently and when you see a strong golfer in a weak field, it usually means easy fantasy points for you.

Fantasy Golf Tip #8 – Cut bait when you need to

Top 10 Fantasy Golf TipsSome golfers have years that they need to forget about. At the beginning of the season they have high expectations, but just can’t put it together. Golfers tinker with their swings, have personal issues or deal with injuries but fantasy players keep picking the same golfer hoping that they will regain their form. Like Fantasy Golf Tip #3, playing the hot hand also means not playing the cold one. Wait to see if the player puts together a couple of good rounds before choosing him again for your fantasy golf team.

Fantasy Golf Tip #9 - Know the Odds

Fantasy Golf StrategiesLas Vegas odds makers are very smart people because it is their job, and when they set odds for golf or other sports they usually are pretty good with predicting some of the top players in a particular golf tournament. When picking your fantasy golf lineup, check out a sports betting site and analyze the golf odds for that tournament. Knowing who the smart money will be on will help guide you in making your fantasy golf picks.

Fantasy Golf Tip #10 – Have Fun!

Fantasy Golf TipsGolf is a fun sport to play and can be fun to watch. Adding fantasy golf into the mix will only enhance your enjoyment of golf. Try to make a bit of money at it but remember to have fun playing fantasy golf!


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