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FanDuel Points (FDP Rewards)

With FanDuel, even if you lose - you win!

FanDuel has introduced a new player rewards system called FanDuel Points (FDP). The bonus is that every real money game you play - win or lose…you win!

Sign Up to enter any fantasy money game on FanDuel (football, basketball, hockey, or baseball) and each contest has an allotted FanDuel Points value. Win or lose, you get to register those points to your account. Accumulate enough FDP rewards and you can enter other money games for free as well as FanDuel Freeroll contests.


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How FanDuel Points Work

Once you’ve saved enough FanDuel Points, simply choose the tournament that you wish to play and your FanDuel Points account will be deducted to pay for the entry to that money game. So even if you lose more than you win, you can still earn enough FanDuel Points to keep playing and win more money.

That’s not all - as a bonus, you also get the opportunity to play in monthly Freeroll contests based on how many FanDuel Points you accumulate throughout the month.


FanDuel Points Levels

There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum games that vary in payouts from month to month, but the higher the threshold, the less competition which means the odds of you winning greatly increases.

You don’t even use up your FanDuel Points to enter these games - they are simply a bonus for loyal FanDuel players who have earned enough points to play for some big money prizes.

Certain contests will also have promotions that increase the rate that you can earn FanDuel Points so be on the lookout and maximize your FanDuel Points strategy.

FanDuel promises to further expand their rewards system, but for regular fantasy players at FanDuel this is a nice rewards system to acknowledge a player's loyalty.

If you already haven’t signed up to play at FanDuel then go and check them out. Remember, by clicking any of our FanDuel links before joining, you will receive 5 FREE contest entries to get started - all for real cash prizes!