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Why You Shouldn't Use FREE Golf Picks and Predictions

Free Golf Picks and PredictionsFor players who like to play fantasy golf for money, or wager a few bucks at BetOnline on a particular golf tournament, one of the most common practices is for players to Google terms such as Free Golf Picks, or Free Picks for Golf, Free Picks and Predictions for Golf etc...

Even we, here at Real Money Fantasy Leagues, offer up our own set of free golf picks and predictions for the big tournaments such as The Masters, The U.S. Open, The PGA Championship and of course The Open Championship (The British Open) .

Although we are usually pretty good with our free golf picks, we are hardly considered experts in the field of picking golf tournament winners.

Other sites offer their own sets of free golf picks and they are right just about as often as we are.

In the end, although we have devised a pretty good strategy guide for picking golf winners for fantasy golf and for those looking to bet on golf, if you are playing with serious money betting on golf, you shouldn’t use sites that offer free golf picks and predictions.

Golf Banker ( is a site that offers expert advice for picking golf winners for each and every golf tournament. They have a proven track record of picking winners and with golf, usually winners pay off handsomely!

GolfBanker Expert Picks

Golf Banker employs a system similar to our suggested system, but goes a step further in doing analysis for you for each and every golf tournament. Our golf betting strategy guide is a general how to page, but leaves you needing to do the research yourself to pick the golf winners.

Sites such as Golf Banker offer in-depth analysis of each and every golf tournament using past performance analysis, inside knowledge, some personal hands on experience and other methods that the general golf betting public is not privy to.

They employ a method of picking usually 6 golfers per tournament that they believe have the best shot to win a particular golf tournament. With golf odds ranging from 7-1 to 200-1, you just need one of the 6 players to hit to make money.

Their golf picks percentage is higher than any of the free golf picks that all the other so called “experts” have to offer and the price for such an expert golf pick service can be paid for a full season for a low price. The golf season runs from January to October so there are tons of opportunities to make money using the expert picks from Golf Banker.

Check them out, they offer a money back guarantee but the only money you’ll be getting back is the winnings you make with their expert golf picks and predictions.


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