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Must Play Fantasy Hockey Leagues For Real Money

If you are looking to join an online hockey pool for money this season look no further than these 3 top fantasy hockey leagues. These daily fantasy hockey sites offer great new player bonuses, tons of leagues, huge promotions and flawless software and draft tools. Create a private fantasy hockey pool for you and your friends or play against the thousands of other fantasy hockey poolies in head to head, small fields or large guaranteed money prize pools. If you are not already a member, join for free today and claim the great bonuses below.

FanDuel Logo FanDuel runs hundreds of fantasy hockey pools each night of the NHL season. Get $20 free when creating a new account plus a free fantasy hockey pool for real money! $20 FREE +
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DraftKings Logo Huge promotions and free fantasy hockey contests make DraftKings the ultimate fantasy hockey leagues site online. With both private and public leagues, cash is given away every day. Get a FREE contest entry just for joining here with a minimum 1st deposit of just $5! Free Contest Entry
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Fantasy Draft Logo Fantasy Draft now offers 100% Rake-Free fantasy hockey leagues for real money prizes. This means every dollar of entry fees goes into the prize pool providing a huge advantage for players to profit! 100% Rake-Free
Fantasy Leagues


DraftKings NHL



Being official partners with sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and Fantasy Draft, etc... we may receive compensation or other benefits for advertising. Please help us improve our content by using our links which will also earn new players the best bonuses and deals at each site!




Fantasy Hockey Games To Play At DFS Sites


Daily Fantasy Hockey sites that offer hockey pools for real money have a few different game options for you to pick from...


The most popular games at DFS sites are:


Salary Cap – You are given a pre-set budget (usually $50,000) to create a fantasy hockey team by choosing players from positions such as forwards, defensemen and a goalie. Each player is assigned a salary and you must create a lineup of players without exceeding the salary cap. The goal is to create the best lineup using limited funds.


Pick’em – In a Pick’em fantasy league you are given a number of boxes or groups with a list of players to choose from. Usually each list will have 3-8 players of a similar skill level and your goal is to pick the player that you think will score the most fantasy points that night from the choices in the box. This is done for each of the groups and your team is built with those chosen players.


*** Tip – Best odds of winning money in a fantasy hockey contest is in a Pick’em Contest. ***


Showdown or Single Game – Just like a salary cap league, you are given a cap, but you are picking players from just one single hockey game between two teams using assigned salaries. The number of players picked is usually only 5-6 players and positions are not important.


Snake Draft – A snake draft pool is what most fantasy hockey pool players are most familiar with. Each player takes a turn drafting a player using a predetermined order and the once the last person has made their first pick, the draft continues with the last person making the next round pick and continues back to the first. This snake-like drafting continues until all your players are chosen and your roster is filled.



Types Of Fantasy Hockey Contests For Money


50/50 or Double Ups – A great way for new fantasy hockey players to get started, this is a hockey league where HALF the players in the pool win money and the other half don’t. Create a lineup and if you are in the top half of the field, you double your money!


*** Fantasy Tip – If you are just starting out playing fantasy hockey for money the 50/50s aka "Double Ups" offer you a great chance to learn how to play and even better odds of winning. ***


Head to Head – Just you against one other player. Pick a lineup and the better of the two lineups wins the cash.


Guaranteed Prize Pools GPP – These are the really big cash jackpots with giant prize pools. Create a lineup and if you come in first - you win the huge prize! There will be hundreds, even thousands of players to compete against, but the payouts are worth the play.


Satellites and Qualifiers – These fantasy hockey leagues are generally low cost entry contests that can win you tickets or entries into really big contests. Most can be entered for as little as $0.10 and will get the winner an entry into a future pool for really huge prizes.




Looking For Fantasy Hockey Advice or Lineups?

Check out our list of DFS Tools sites for NHL Fantasy Hockey pools or contests you are entering before you submit your lineups. These sites can help you create and optimize your lineups to increase your odds of winning real money every day that you play.


RotoQL Daily Fantasy Hockey Lineups and Optimizers


Draft Dashboard NHL Fantasy Lineups for DraftKings and FanDuel






Looking For Fantasy Hockey Site Reviews?

Check out our list of reviews and site comparisons for the top daily fantasy hockey sites for a more comprehensive report on each site including ratings, bonuses and detailed site information:


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