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DraftKings Strategies

For those that play Daily Fantasy Sports at regularly, some patterns emerge and these little DraftKings strategies can help you gain an edge on other players when you play head to head games.

Each sport at DraftKings has specific strategies that will help you win money and below we have listed what to keep an eye out for when creating a fantasy lineup at DraftKings...


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DraftKings Football Strategy

Take advantage of the injury fill in – Football has major injuries every week and starters get replaced at the last minute. DraftKings can’t adjust their salary cap prices quick enough to make up for these changes, but that’s where you can benefit. If a starting running back gets injured, look at who the backup is and what the team’s offensive strategy is. If it's a run heavy offense and there is a clear cut and talented backup, take the player for your roster and use the salary cap savings for other top fantasy players. This DraftKings strategy has paid off for us many times to win money on NFL Sunday.

DraftKings Baseball Strategy

At most daily fantasy sites, the pitcher’s fantasy points are weighted more heavily making spending money on a top pitcher a priority. At though, the fantasy points for hitters are weighted a little more heavily. The best DraftKings strategy for fantasy baseball is to pick a lower priced middle of the road fantasy pitcher that stands to have a decent game as opposed to a top priced pitcher. Your scouting will be necessary to find the right pitcher, but then you have the money to spend on the better hitters which should allow you more points in the long run. We use this DraftKings tip daily during the MLB season and it pays off bigtime.

DraftKings Hockey Strategy

A great DraftKings tip is to not focus on goaltending for your DraftKings fantasy hockey team. Yes - if the team wins you get points, yes - if he gets a shut out you get points, yes - if the goalie stops 50 shots you get points…but all 3 of those events don’t occur all the time. Besides, if the goalie has an off night he could cost you points since each goal is a -1. Pick a goalie that is lower down the price list that plays for a team that has a good shot to win and is defensive minded. You have 8 other positions to fill and all of those have the potential to get you more fantasy points using DraftKings scoring system.

DraftKings Basketball Strategy

Take advantage of the high scoring games – keep an eye out for games with projected high over/unders. Use the Vegas line total to get this info. Obviously if you can take the stars in these kinds of games then that's half the battle...but it’s the other players on the court that are cheap fantasy options that could net you a lot of points as well. With high scoring games come a lot of shots and a lot of rebounds (+1.25 points using DraftKings scoring). Look for the role players that collect those rebounds to score you some solid DraftKings fantasy points. Conversely, a similar DraftKings strategy is to try to avoid taking high priced players playing against defensive minded teams.


These are just some DraftKings strategies that are unique to the site and are worth keeping in mind when you are setting your fantasy lineup. It is not hard to win money playing fantasy sports at DraftKings - it is up to you to use tips such as these and pick teams that have the best shot at cashing in. is one of the top daily fantasy sports sites and one of the reasons is the free contest entry you get when you sign up through this link and make your first deposit. Take advantage of this free money by joining today!